Youth Program


The Youth Program provides an atmosphere of love 
and trust where children are empowered to fulfill 
their inherent potential


We encourage parents to explore our youth programs in our Youth Wing because our Sunday Morning services are designed for adults. In our youth program your child(ren) will enjoy a program specially designed to fit his or her age and needs. In addition to our staffed nursery for infants and toddlers during, we have a family room upstairs if you would prefer to remain with your child(ren).  Childcare is available for both the 9:30 AM and 11 AM services.

For more information contact Youth & Family Coordinator, Jennifer Bick at jenniferbick [at] or 408-221-6236.

We had a very successful 2013 CSL YFM Fun Night/Parents Night Out with 14 children participating ages 5-12 and help from our seasoned YFM teachers  Lizza, John, Linda, Leah, Julianna, Heather and myself and YFM alumni Jennine.

Here is a link to the pictures.

Thanks everyone for making it such a success setting up, bringing healthy snacks, working with kids and cleaning up, with special thanks to – parents for bringing you kids, Lizza and Julianne for all their creative crafts, Lizza’s  extra  effort preparing for cookie making and decorating, John for his consistent patient presence interacting with the kids, Heather,  Jennine and Leah for help with the older kids, Linda for helping with everything from beginning to end with this activity, food bearers for bringing  healthy snacks, and to  Laura who came early to let us in.  Sorry you were sick. We missed your special movement expertise and your wealth of experience with kids.

Laura was my daughter Jennine’s first Sunday school teacher when she was in 2nd grade, some 12 year ago! I was so blessed to have my daughter Jennine participate as my right and left hand (wo)man  whenever I needed extra help, and as an example  of our successful youth program, growing positive resourceful kids who can eventually give back to the YFM community!!!  We also left them goodies for snacks after Sunday service!!

We have critical mass for youth activities for grades K-4 and are building a preteen and high school youth community. We would like to do special fun nights and activities to build the latter groups. So please promote this with the membership/parents/kids and let us know  if you talk to families who want this for their children – those who come and might not come to Sunday school.




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